Chemistry, Charisma, but no Control (FB Repost 2-23-13)


Why are some people (who have so much charisma, intelligence, sexuality, sensuality) unable to control themselves!

I've seen people who could have achieved so much with their natural chemistry and charisma, but they didn't harness that energy in a productive way, and focused it entirely on sexual imagery and conquest.

It's sad, because they continue to pay the price and never change..but yet they wonder why everyone has given up on them....they get old, and continue this unfortunate charade... People like this might be charming at first to be around, but they are all about themselves, so will undoubtedly hurt nearly everyone they get close to... after they have driven everyone off, because of the need to consummate every friendship, they wonder why they are often so alone.

Wow, there are a few people I've observed who throw opportunities away because they think with their loins and not their brains. They lack accountability and loyalty in friendships. They might think that they have been casanovas and seductresses themselves, but really, who are they kidding. The joke is on them!!!

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