My Birthday Wish This Year - GIVE TO OTHERS, HELP OTHERS

Hey all,

It's my birthday next week, and often people want to buy me things, but I've been thinking about how I could positively impact others, and what better occasion than my birthday, which falls on April 29th.

So I'm thinking, instead of buying me a gift, you could give a donation, or even offer your services, to an organization in need of help, serving to educate society and helping those less fortunate than us.

I have listed some of the charities and websites (run by friends) that I have in mind below.

Lastly, please respond to this post, advising which charity or organization you chose to help. I do not want to know amount, just that you reached out is enough, even if it is to donate as little as $1.

List of my friends organizations and charities:

* Stop CAID Now  (LIsa Moreno-Dickinson)

Stop Chilhood Auto-inflammatory Diseases

* Being Beautiful Foundation (Valerie Crabbe)

Serving underprivileged foster children

* Robin's Eyes (Robin Dickerson)

Serving Juvenile Blindness

* A Star Name Assiah Liver Fund - Kickstarter Campaign (Rasheena Phinisee)

Raising awareness & helping friends & families with children suffering from liver disease

* Pink Soldiers Foundation - Annual Food Drive (Tyema Sanchez)

SUNDAY MAY 4 - Help the Pink Soldiers Foundation Fill Up A 26' Truck With Food For Philabundance

* No Secrets Between Us - Child Abuse Prevention & Education (Rosey Noyb)

The book is for children in an effort to empower and educate about child abuse - to be purchased by parents and educators. 


Thank you everyone in advance of even a mere dollar you can donate to these worthwhile organizations, all headed by empowered women who I consider friends. 


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