The Universe Is Always At Work……

The universe is always at work.

We might be aware that change is needed, that it is inevitable, that it must come if we are to fulfill our destiny, but we pause for a moment to feel safe, perhaps for a relationship we shouldn't be in, or a job that earns us reliable, good money. So we blindly pause, but then something happens, to wake us up out of our blindness.

What others see as a choice, we have no choice, only one clear path, and that is to stay true to ourselves, to respect ourselves, to stand up strong when others want us to sit, to be viewed as someone they can't control because we will not play their games. No-one will ever have that power over me, because I will never be a 'YES' minion.

Changes are happening, opportunities will be embraced, the universe is in full force. So many great things are opening up and I'm such a lucky girl, I just have to be strong through the hard things that crop up is all - and believe me, they do crop up. I see people's truth in these situations, and some people are not nice at all. Had to shake that off. To empowerment and change :-)

I wrote these words as a FaceBook post exactly 2 years ago today, and the words ring true as ever. The progression I have made had been where I have taken chances on uncertainty. To think 2 years ago I was working as a project manager full time for a company in which the boss was completely unethical. I hated it there. Fast forward to July of 2013, and I was finally free, though the money coming in wasn't as secure, but my spirit was no longer dying. I was about to take my first IES trip, and that was a life changer, and a few months after that, Kyree started talking to me about getting involved with his film project, we all know now as Singledom. I also started my Diva Docs radio show in 2013, and now, that has also evolved to film, and both film projects, my first ever, were winners. What a difference 2 years makes. Do I know it all? No! In fact I feel less secure about my money as I've eaten up a lot of savings, but would I do it again? YESSSS!!! Without hesitation. Because I am alive and have a world of opportunity at my feet. I just have faith that HE will provide what I need as i shoot for the stars. 


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